Monday, January 30, 2017

The Corporate Elite Retaliates After Trump kills the TPP

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The Corporate Elite Retaliates After Trump kills the TPP

Just a humble two cents and humble theory/perspective here that hopefully doesn't get me stoned. I'm not saying Trump is Jesus Christ by any means, but I've noticed that the frenzy of misleading news coming from the mainstream press has really amplified big-time this past week, literally almost like it's freaking out, bombarding us with negative Trump story after negative Trump story, riling us up into a frenzy of complete hysteria. I feel like this media frenzy stems from Trump's killing of the TPP deal (one of the first things he did), which really pissed off the corporate elite and their anger is coming through the mainstream media which they own and control. I mean, Trump's killing of the TPP was a big deal...a HUGE deal, but, with the exception of one-day's-worth of tepid coverage, it completely got glossed over. The TPP would have been devastating for all American workers/all American human rights/human rights in general. It benefited a small minority corporate elite -- I would call it a corporate cartel -- and basically nobody else. It can't be stressed how big this thing was and how horrible it was for America. Read more about the TPP and its disastrous implications in an article I wrote about a year and a half ago entitled: "The Gay-Marriage Wild Card (And Other Ways Our Government is Smoke Screening the TPP)."

But the corporate elite loved the TPP deal, and now the corporate world is pissed and as retaliation they're just slamming us with misleading news and getting us into an anti-Trump frenzy. Right now on Facebook the top two hashtags are #MuslimBan and #NoMuslimBan. What's happening is not really a Muslim "ban" at all; from what I understand after reading the full executive order text, it's temporary travel restrictions for certain countries in attempt to get terrorism under control and improve vetting procedures. Don't get me wrong: it sucks big-time and it's pretty sad watching interviews of those affected and I'm personally skeptical whether it's going to get anything under control anyway...but it's not an all-out, permanent Muslim Ban. Again, I'm not saying it's necessarily going to make a positive difference but the media should be more fair in their coverage of it. Let's get the story right.

So that is just one example of misleading, fearmongering/hatemongering/frenzy-inducing media that stems from the mainstream press which the corporate elite owns, an elite that is more than likely infuriated at Trump for killing its beloved TPP. My humble two cents is take a deep breath, unplug yourself from the frenzy, follow the money and follow the power and, in the words of my beloved PUBLIC ENEMY, don't believe (all) the hype.

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