Monday, September 15, 2014


Here's a poem I wrote in reaction to the ISIS situation...

“Everyone thinks of changing the world,
but no one thinks of changing himself.”
                                         --Leo Tolstoy

by matt burns

Yesterday it was Al Qaeda
Today it’s Isis
There will always be that threat
That’s out there somewhere
The vague beastie lurking somewhere on the island
Putting fear inside all of us
And somebody will always exploit that fear
The Lord of the flies
And the Lord will use it to rule us
Manipulate us
Control us
Just like those boys on that island

There will always be an external threat
There always has been
Always will be
There will never be NO threat
So what can you do?
Worry all the time?
Or just mind your own business
Focus on yourself
And forget about the world

The Lord of the flies is cunning
He wants us to focus on the world
Pull us out of ourselves
For a perpetual amount of time
Focus on the Russians!
Cold war over, now focus on Al Qaeda!
Al Qaeda’s weakened
Now focus on Isis!

What will the next beastie on the island be after Isis?
There will inevitably be one
One distraction follows the other
If you watch the news
There seems to be a beastie of the week
To terrorize us

Everybody thinks about changing the world
But the world can’t be fully changed
There will never be total peace out there
Not on our planet
Not within our species
But there can always be total peace inside you

Change you
Don’t change the world
Everything on the outside
Out there
All those beasties
That you hear about
But never really see…
It’s all an illusion
Created by the Lord of the flies
To build up fear
That destroys your insides
And destroys your soul
But if you retreat into yourself
And tune out what’s outside
The fear weakens
And the Lord loses his power
And he withers away
And dies
And then
The world peace

If there is ever a possibility for world peace
It’s going to start on the inside
Not on the outside