Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson Riots

CNN news anchor to one of the Ferguson small business owners whose store burnt down last night:

Anchor: Aren't you angry?!
Owner: Just glad I'm safe and my family's safe. Materials are small stuff.
Anchor: If I was you I would be enraged!
Owner: It's sad, but life will go on. Just glad my family's safe. The Lord is good. I pray all is peaceful tonight.

The anchor is clearly trying to rile him up and stir the pot, polarize and instigate more drama than there needs to be. She's basically trying to breed more loathing and feed the endless cycle of hatred while the owner is taking the high road and opting instead for peace and forgiveness.

Anchor: Well, again, so sorry for the loss of your business. (Turns to camera). We have to go to a break right now but stay with us...

What she's really saying?

Anchor: That's enough from you, Sir. I hope you don't mind us taking a break so we can profit off of your misfortune.

While I was watching the coverage (last night especially) I couldn't believe how often both CNN and FOX News cut to commercials as they drooled over the images of fires. These networks should be donating their profits to the small business owners in Ferguson if they're truly 'sorry for the loss'. Insurance will only do so much and these entrepreneurs won't be earning anything from their businesses in the meantime. 

Part of the reason why there was so much destruction last night was because there were so many news cameras around and the rioters/looters felt obligated to give the cameras what they were drooling for. The news people and camera people were, in a way, the real instigators and agitators.

Rioters: Well, by the looks of all these drama-thirsty camera people running around, I guess they're expecting us to do SOMETHING. I guess we're supposed to burn down stores or something...break windows and stuff. Guess we better get drunk first, though. Let's get at it...

Camera People: Come on now. Remember Florence/Normandie during the LA Riots?! Ya got big shoes to fill here. Give it to us!