Tuesday, December 30, 2014

AirAsia: The Distraction of the Week

Another commercial airliner has mysteriously disappeared without much of a trace. This time, it's AirAsia flight 8501 and it mysteriously vanished somewhere over (or under) the Java Sea while en route to Singapore after a departure from Surabaya, Indonesia. The disappearance of the plane is eerily reminiscent of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that mysteriously disappeared in the Indian ocean en route to Beijing last March.

Just as the Sony hack story has basically fizzled out (read my article on the Sony hack HERE), here we are with another BIG NEWS story to keep our minds occupied for maybe another week or two. This missing airline story is merely an extension of a continuing trend of BIG NEWS: first it was the Malaysia flight 370 in March, then Isis started taking over the news, then ebola, then the Bill Cosby allegations, next was Michael Brown and the Ferguson riots, then a CIA torture report, the Sony hack...and, now, just as the whole Sony story has fizzled out, another airliner has gone missing, a story that kind of acts as a sequel to the Malaysian flight disappearance last March. The missing Malaysian flight successfully distracted the public for a good month, if not more. Maybe the AirAsia story will do the same.

We are living in an era of BIG news, much of which seems to be purposely built up into big news, if not outright manufactured. It's like there's a news machine out there grinding out the big news stories to keep us glued to the Hi-Def televisions and the Internet blogs. It seems like as soon as one big news story fizzles out and the public loses interest, another big news story is waiting on deck, ready to step up to the plate. I do not believe this is a coincidence. I believe much of this news is being manufactured in a calculated way.

Is this a media conspiracy? Are media corporations building up/feeding into (if not outright manufacturing) these big news events for the purpose of engaging viewers and readers? After all, the bigger the news story, the more clicks blogs will get and the more viewers will be glued to CNN/FOX/CNBC/ABC News etc. Maybe it's simply all about the ad revenue.

Or is this a government conspiracy? Perhaps the government is distracting us from more important issues...like how dysfunctional Congress is and how broken our current political system is. Maybe the more we hold a magnifying glass up to mysterious plane disappearances, celebrity scandals and racial riots, the less we hold a magnifying glass up to a dysfunctional government. Maybe they want to divert our attention away from shady government creations like the NSA or scandals like in Benghazi or maybe government failures like Detroit's bankruptcy, who knows? Or perhaps they're just trying to prevent us from revolting. Politicians want to hold on to their cushy paychecks and positions of power, not to mention their (empty) prestige. The last thing they want is for people to organize and start a revolution. Therefore, it's best to keep the people's eyes focused on something else - anything but them.

But maybe it's not even about distracting us from the government's ineptitude and shadiness. Maybe 'somebody out there' - a malevolent alien race? the devil himself? - simply wants to distract us from ourselves, our lives and what's really important in our lives. Maybe the more time we spend outside ourselves - worrying about certain big news events or being outraged by them or simply just analyzing them to death - the less time we spend inside of ourselves, nourishing and cultivating our inner souls wherein may lie something spiritual that is most important of all.

Maybe this is all a part of a great war against God, or if you're not a believer in God, spirituality...or, to use an even more non-religious term, positive energy. The more time we fear and loathe as a reaction to BIG NEWS, the less time we spend tuned into higher energetic frequencies, like joy and love and creativity, the very vibrations that bring us closer to and harmonious with "God".

So next time there is a big news event that almost seems scripted, kind of like it's right out of a movie. Ask yourself:

What do they not want me to see? Maybe they're simply trying to get ad revenue or wagging the dog away from our inept and corrupt government. Or maybe it's something much more simple. Maybe there is a dark force out there simply trying to drown ourselves in the low energetic frequencies of negativity - fear and loathing - keep us distracted and outside ourselves, keep us extrospective (this may be a word I just made up) - constantly focused on the outside world - when we should really be introspectively concentrating on our inner selves, souls, the direct plug-in to the higher energetic frequencies.

The higher frequencies are most important. We must not be distracted by the lower frequencies. The lower frequencies are like computer malware on our souls. They slow us down and eventually paralyze us. They keep us from living up to our most excellent potential.

Friday, December 26, 2014



by matt burns

I've been trying to keep up with it all

Every day is something big and huge
It's all coming at me so fast
I finally catch up
And stay on top of it all
And I'm really proud of myself for it

Then Christmas comes

I scour the news sites
I scour
And I scour
But there's hardly anything
It's not only a slow news day
But there's hardly any news to speak of
I feel a void
I was apparently addicted to being on top of the news
There's nothing!

Curious it is

That there only seems to be big news in the world
When the news people are on the clock
And they're around to report it
And make it into BIG NEWS

When the news people are on a holiday

So isn't the news, it seems
Thus, maybe the news only exists
When the news people are around to fuel it
Build it up
Or maybe even manufacture it

If there's nobody around to report on that tree falling in the forest

Does it actually still make a noise?

Why don't we just take the news people away

That way the news can sleep every day
There will be no more crashing of trees in the world's forest
The world will have less noise
Quiet down
And peace will be restored

World peace can be realized

Simply by ridding the world of the news people

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Sony Hack: An Attack Against the 1st Amendment

Sony Pictures has decided not to release their film "The Interview" in any shape or form after receiving threats from a computer hacking group known as the "Guardians of Peace". The FBI has supposedly traced the group back to North Korea.

Much of Hollywood is outraged by Sony's move. Even President Obama wasn't supportive of the decision, saying that we can't allow ourselves to submit to the threats of foreign dictators. Shelving the film will set a new precedent, he says.

Sony, on the other hand, stands by their decision for now. They felt like they were between a rock and a hard place. They didn't want to be a company responsible for releasing a film that initiated a 9/11-style terrorist attack. This wouldn't be good for the company image and its overall business.

While most people are outraged at N. Korea, I've tried to remain objective, mainly because the whole story sounds a little fishy to me, perhaps maybe even contrived. In fact, it kind of sounds like a plot to a movie, which is ironic since this all started with...well, a movie, "The Interview".

My first issue is with the FBI. I no longer believe anything the FBI says. All you have to do is read about Whitey Bulger and you will at least find the FBI extremely shady, if not completely corrupt. They are a mafia. They cannot always be trusted. So if the FBI says that N. Korea is behind this, I am skeptical. They simply don't have a good history of telling the truth.

But the FBI wouldn't lie unless they had a hidden agenda, right? Right, and there very well could be a hidden agenda that seems to be successfully eluding the mainstream press, not to mention George Clooney, Ben Stiller and other Hollywood figures who have expressed outrage at Sony's decision. What I'm getting at here is that I think the Sony hacking could possibly be a manufactured event, possibly by our own government, or at least a shady faction of our government under the guise of GOP, 'Guardians of Peace'. 

As Obama stated, Sony's decision to shelve their film will set a new precedent, but this precedent has little to do with us being more submissive to foreign dictators - it has more to do with the 1st amendment and the subsequent destruction of that amendment. Sony's decision to shelve "The Interview" will potentially initiate a continuing trend of censorship. Everybody in Hollywood is going to start thinking twice before they express themselves freely, especially on a political level.

Think about it: if you're a powerful Hollywood studio like Sony spending millions and millions of dollars on a movie, are you going to keep making politically edgy films that may initiate a terrorist threat/attack only to have to shelve it before exhibition? Or are you going to play it a little safer? Make a very non-political 'popcorn movie' that doesn't get too edgy? Yes, you're probably going to play it safe and make the watered-down, passive popcorn movie. It's too big of a business risk if you go the other route.

"Playing it safe" is what (I believe) 'somebody' out there wants us to do more of and the Sony hack/threats will likely initiate this trend. I do believe this 'somebody' could possibly be our government or, like I said before, some faction within our own government. Maybe the GOP (the acronym for 'Guardians of Peace') really is the GOP, meaning the Republican party, or at least a more extremist faction of the Republican party. Maybe the identity of this shadowy terror group is in plain sight. Who knows? And I'm not trying to knock Republicans. Most Republicans are good people. Same with Democrats. However, certain factions within both parties are extreme and wacko. They are hungry for power and control.

Of course, there's definitely no proof that our own 'government' (or any faction within) is behind any of this, but that's not what's important. What IS important is that we acknowledge that this Sony hack could very well be an extension of a more general ongoing attack against our Constitution. This attack started after 9/11 with the Patriot Act. Then, over the recent years, the second amendment has been under attack - the right to bear arms has been blamed for school shootings while the real culprit seems to be mental illness (assuming that the shootings aren't, themselves, manufactured events). After the Boston Marathon bombing, there was an attack on the fourth amendment. The whole town of Watertown, MA. was in lock-down and people allowed each and every one of their homes to be searched without probable cause. People were complacent because an external threat had been created (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was on the loose). Then, the NSA conveniently came out of the woodwork within a month of the Boston bombings. The NSA said it was reading everybody's emails and listening to phone calls. They were saying that they had the power to prevent future attacks like what happened in Boston. The fear of more marathon bombings seemed to justify the need for what they were doing and the American freedoms they were infringing upon.

Now the attack on the Constitution has been taken to the next level and has implanted a new precedent that may ultimately snowball and eat away at the 1st amendment ever-so-gradually. Slowly, but surely.

Just today, another hacking group called "Anonymous" has supposedly threatened the popular singer Iggy Azalea because she Tweeted some unpopular comments regarding the Michael Brown and Eric Garner protests. 'Anonymous' threatened that - unless the singer made a public apology - they would release a sex tape that Iggy allegedly made a while back. They would also release unsavory pictures of her. They claimed to have "so much on her" that they could ruin her career worse than Bill Cosby's recent demise.

Who is 'Anonymous'? Nobody really knows. But it's very possible they're another faction of our own government, or maybe the same faction, just under another guise...

With these kinds of threats happening, every celebrity out there will be afraid to speak their mind. They'll be too afraid because it may initiate some sort of retaliation from these anonymous cyber hackers, whoever they are. They may have their emails hacked (like in the case of Sony people), personal photos hacked, videos and other information. There may even be outright terrorist threats either against them or people they care about.

If celebrities stop speaking their minds, ordinary Americans will start doing the same. Since we all look up to celebrities and emulate them whether on a conscious or subconscious level, sooner or later we're going to do what the celebrities do and keep our mouths shut. There will be no more political opinion. No more dissent. No more questioning of anything. No more free thought or expression whatsoever...

A world where movie producers, celebrities and ordinary Americans are always playing it safe is not a good world to be living in.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Bill Cosby and the CIA Torture Report

A poem I wrote in reaction to the Bill Cosby rape allegations, the CIA torture report, Ferguson riots, ebola, Eric Garner etc.


by matt burns


Bill Cosby
CIA torture report
What's after that?
Back to Isis again?
Isis is pissed and retaliates?

Every day something new

Can’t keep track of it all
Hard to follow
Hard to educate myself
As soon as I get a grip on one current event
Another one happens
And when I barely get a grip on that
There’s another one
And another
Like working the conveyor belt in an assembly line
If you’re not quick enough
You’ll fall behind
And everything will just

The “news” today is a Drill Sergeant

Shouting in my face
One trending topic after another
Assaulting my senses
I feel disorientation
My head’s spinning
So much that
I'm paralyzed with overstimulation
And sensory overload 
To the point where I’m confused
And more easily malleable
Easier to control

Like with a Marine in bootcamp

The point is to break me down
So that I easily take my orders

Because I've lost my grip on what the hell's going on in reality

I look for the government via the media to dictate it to me

I don't understand anything that's going on

I'm confused

Just tell me what I need to do

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


A poem I wrote in reaction to such current events as Ferguson, Isis and ebola...


by matt burns

Boiling fears

And loathings
Fester in our subconscious
And fester
And fester

Some people say

These repressed energies manifest themselves
In the outer
Three-dimensional world
And cause actual physical events

So when you watch the Reality TV with all the 

Jersey bro-dudes
And the Hollywood Hillbillies
And the Honey Boobies
Honey Boobies’ mom was dating a sex offender?!
Cancel the show!
And you read the blogs about the “celebutards”
And see Kim Kardashian’s big, greasy ass on a magazine cover
Then come all the scandals
Bill Cosby
America’s favorite dad
A rapist?!
Disillusioned we are
And enraged we all get!

Then we watch the news

And there’s
Then comes Fergusonola
White cops shooting blacks
Black criminals looting 
Burning down stores
Beating down whites!
Then comes Staten Island
Another black strangled by a cop
No indictment
Civil war imminent?!
The media makes us take a side
Are you with the cops?
Or with the blacks?
Fear the cops!
Fear the blacks!
They pit us against each other
Go and protest!
Polarized we become
And divided we rot
We can’t unite and get anything done

And collectively…

The negative energy

In each and every one of us
Manifests itself
As more negative energy in the world
And more bad events happen
Bad weather – superstorms, quakes, tornados, floods!
Bad disease
More bad Kardashian photos
(Kourtney just posed preggo and naked)
So gross!

And the media reports on these events

And we get even more loathing 
And more fear
And the negative collective consciousness
Manifests more negative events in the world

It’s a perpetual cycle of negativity

A snowball effect
A guarantee
That there will be constant fear
And loathing
Absolute hell
For all eternity

There is a great, epic war out there

Not good vs. evil
But positivity vs. negativity
Negative energy wants to win
But will we let it?